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Tuesday, 13 December 1927

Mr GREENE (NEW SOUTH WALES) . - In the discussion of my amendment a great deal has been said that is entirely foreign to it. My object in moving it was to point out that the encouragement of the larger owners of land who subdivide it and utilize it under share-farming conditions is worthy of the consideration of the Government. Notwithstanding all that has been said in regard to the "difficulties of administration, I think they could easily be surmounted. Returns have to be furnished in regard to the area of land under cultivation, and the areas occupied by people engaged in share farming could be checked up. But my principle object in moving the amendment was to direct the attention of the Government to what I believe is a practical way of assisting in its general scheme of migration and land settlement. I believe that every encouragement we can offer to the larger land-owners to subdivide their land for share-farming purposes would lead to the settlement of men with no capital and often with very little experience. That scheme is, I think, worthy of the earnest consideration of this Parliament. I can speak with a good deal of practical experience both as a share-farmer and a land-owner. I know what an inestimable advantage the share-farming system has been to thousands of people in this country who are to-day successful landowners, but who made a start by sharefarming. Of course there are horrible examples of grasping men who care nothing for those associated with them, but there are many scores of people who can bear testimony to the wonderful start in life share-farming has given them. Senator Hoare has spoken of men who have got nothing as a result of their labour, but the terms and conditions he mentioned were certainly far more rigid than those which usually obtain in sharefarming. Where a man finds the machinery and plant and the owner finds the land, the seed, and the fertilizer the usual practice is to share half and half. Where the owner finds everything but the labour the share-farmer usually gets a third. . I have no idea of pressing my amendment to a divisipn. My purpose in moving it was to draw attention to what I believe is a possible solution of one of the difficulties facing the Government in regard to carrying out its immigration policy - that of bringing people' to Australia, and settling them on the land at a heavy capital expenditure. I am suggesting what I believe would be of immense assistance in carrying out a scheme of migration.. I am pleased that the debate has taken place and now, with the permission of the committee, I should like to withdraw my amendment.

Amendment by leave withdrawn.

Clause agreed to.

Clauses 10 and 11 agreed to.

Clause 12 (Triennial assessments and alterations of assessments) :

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