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Friday, 9 December 1927

Senator GRANT (New South Wales) . - The time is opportune to again enter an emphatic protest against the persistent, determination of the Government to impose the biggest portion of its taxation on those who are least able to bear it, and to continue to exempt the wealthy and the financially strong. It is quite true, as the Leader of the Opposition (Senator Needham) has just stated, that in the last analysis the tax which is imposed on foreign manufactured motor cars that are imported into Australia falls upon the workers. That is true also with respect to every other tax.

Senator Payne - Why does the honorable senator support it?

Senator GRANT - Senator Payne favours the taxation of farmers in proportion to the value of their production and the extent to which their livestock increases. Any spare moment he has he spends in making attacks upon the industrial workers. The whole of the Federal income tax, as well as the customs and excise duties fall in the last analysis upon the workers. The only tax which they escape is the land value tax. At a later stage I shall offer a few comments upon the laxity of the Government in bringing forward such a tax. The taxation of this country is far too high, and the people would welcome a substantial reduction. No doubt at the end of the present financial year the Treasurer will again announce a substantial surplus, leading to further extravagance in various directions. It would seem that the Government is doing all that it can to penalize the enterprising and industrious members of the community by imposing high taxes on their industry. I look forward to the time when we shall have a government in office which will impose taxation which cannot be passed on to the workers.

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