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Friday, 9 December 1927

Senator FINDLEY (VICTORIA) - A matter such as this should be referred to the Printing Committee.

Senator Sir George Pearce - It is usual, when laying reports of this kind on the table, to move that they be printed.

Senator FINDLEY - But it is possible that the whole of the report will have to be set up again and the country be put to unnecessary expense, because apparently sufficient carehas not been taken in the compilation of the report.

Senator Sir George Pearce - No; I am informed that the report is still in type.

Senator FINDLEY - If the alterations can be made without involving considerable expense it is a different matter. But whose fault is it that the report laid on the table on 3rd November is inaccurate in certain particulars? On whose shoulders should the blame rest?

Senator Sir George Pearce - Perhaps the honorable senator would like the Government to appoint a royal commission to inquire.

Senator FINDLEY - It is not at all unusual for this Government to do its work in a slipshod manner. It never seems to finish a job. It has declared again and again that it seeks to do things in a business-like way; but it would appear that members of the Ministry have not been trained in the business world. Certainly it is not business-like to send a report to the Government Printer, have it printed and shortly afterwards be compelled to substitute another because the first is full of mistakes.

Senator Sir George Pearce - It will cost more to print the honorable senator's speech than to make the alterations in the report.

Senator FINDLEY - If that is so, then I take it that the Government will be more business-like in future.

Senatorfoll. - The report is a report, not of the Government, but of the industrial delegation.

Senator FINDLEY - By whom was the mission appointed?

Senator Foll - By the trades hall partly.

Senator FINDLEY - Did the trades hall authorities bear any of the expenses incurred by the mission ? We know they did not.

Senator Crawford - Not on your life!

Senator FINDLEY - The industrial mission was appointed by the Government, and therefore the Government was responsible for the whole of the expenditure, including the cost of printing the report which was laid on the table a few weeks ago. Apparently the Government will have to meet the additional expenditure incurred by the printing of the second report.

SenatorReid. - Why the stonewall?

Senator FINDLEY - I know honorable senators opposite are very anxious about a certain garden party this afternoon.

The PRESIDENT (Senator the Hon. Sir John Newlands). - Order! I must ask the honorable senator to confine his remarks to the motion for the printing of the report.

Senator FINDLEY - I always respect your ruling, Mr. President. On this occasion I digressed because of the unseemly remarks of honorable senators supporting the Government. I have no objection to the printing of this second report. It is not at all unusual for this Government to come to hasty conclusions and then find it necessary to correct its mistakes. I hope that the second printing of this report will mean finality. If the Leader of the Senate can give me an assurance on that point, I shall no longer occupy the time of the Senate.

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