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Friday, 9 December 1927

Senator Sir WILLIAM GLASGOW - Yesterday Senator Guthrie asked me the following questions: -

1   . Is it a fact that the Federal Capital Commission stated that they wrote off Ford motor cars in two years, Dodge and/or other American cars in three years, and British cars in five years?

2.   Why does the commission use foreign cars?

I have now been advised by the Minister for Home and Territories as follows: -

1.   A statement to that effect was made by the commission's accountant in giving evidence recently to the Joint Parliamentary Committee of Public Accounts.

2.   The commission's policy is to give preference to British products. With the exception of Ford motor cars - which are imported from Canada and are assembled in Australia - and two or three older types of lorries which were purchased some considerable time ago, the vehicles under the commission's control are from Great Britain, and thestandardcars in use for garage and touring work are ArmstrongSiddeley, Crossley, and Morris types, and the lorries or busesetherThornycroft or A.E.C.

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