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Wednesday, 7 December 1927

Senator FOLL (Queensland) .- I notice in connexion with the Common wealth Foresty Bureau that provision has been made for the payment of a salary of £.1,200 a year to the Inspector-General of Forests, and that a foot note gives the information that the Inspector-General also receives £150 whilst he is acting as principal of the Australian Forestry School. I was under the impression when the Forestry Bill was introduced last week that it was part of the duties of the Inspector-General of Forests to act as principal of this schoool. I was not aware that his work in connexion with the school was an extra duty, from which he was to receive extra remuneration.I should like to know if he is filling the position temporarily or if this additional item of £150 is to remain for all time. If so, I should like to know why it is not included in his salary.

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