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Friday, 2 December 1927

Senator GRANT (New South Wales) . - In view of the limited time available for the discussion of private members' business, it is unfair that the Government should attempt to monopolize for the transaction of Government business, the whole of the session between now and the Christmas adjournment. It is true the motion states that " unless otherwise ordered," Government business shall take precedence of all other business; our experience has been that whenever this motion has been agreed l.o, pri-vaté members' business has gone by the board. I am opposed to this being done. The Senate has ample time, in my opinion, between Tuesday and Friday, both days inclusive, to deal with any business' placed before it by the Government, keeping Thursday evening free for the consideration of matters outside tlie Government's programme. Besides myself, Senators Foll, Thomas and Elliot have all deemed it desirable to bring before the Senate certain matters which they regard as of first-class public importance. The only opportunity for us to do this in a formal way is by giving notice of motion. The mere discussion of the question, unless it is agreed to, does not get one far. The notice of motion standing in my name is most important. I therefore move, as an amendment -

That tlie following words be added to the motion: - "and the motion in the name of Senator Grant regarding the establishment of a wireless sta.tion at Canberra."

In justification of my attitude, I refer honorable senators to the scanty reports concerning the proceedings of the Senate that have appeared in the columns of the daily press this week. I doubt if the publicity given to the work of this chamber exceeds three inches daily. On the other hand, 'the fullest publicity is given to any unusual incident that occurs in another place. The manner in which the speeches of members are manipulated by the daily press is disgraceful. The reports contain words that are not to be found in the English language. My remarks, when submitting this motion the other evening, were scarcely noticed, but the fullest publicity was given to the offensive and objectionable statements made by Senator Duncan.

The PRESIDENT (Senator the Hon. Sir John Newlands). - The honorable senator will not be in order in attributing such language to another honorable senator.

Senator GRANT - If you, sir, peruse the reports in the daily press-

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