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Thursday, 1 December 1927

Senator Sir GEORGE PEARCE (Western Australia) (Vice-President of the Executive Council) [3.6]. - I move -

That the Standing Orders be suspended to enable the submission and consideration without delay of a motion dealing with the present waterside industrial trouble. J

If that motion is carried I intend to move -

That in view of the great loss, unemployment and general distress which will inevitably result from the continuance of the serious industrial disturbance in the waterside industry, this Senate affirms its support of the Government in taking any action the Government thinks necessary, in co-operation with the States so far as possible, to maintain law and order, and to ensure the continuance of services essential to the well-being of the Commonwealth.

I am asking the Senate to agree to the suspension of the Standing Orders because owing to the unlawful action of the

Waterside Workers' Federation, we have been precipitated into what appears to be the beginning of a disastrous industrial trouble. It is desirable that at the outset the Government should know if Parliament is prepared to support it in any action which it may be necessary for it to take, and also to let those who are defying the law, know the course which Parliament will adopt. The matter is urgent because every day the trouble continues it means a loss of thousands of pounds to the producers and to the people generally. As its continuance will bring untold misery to thousands of people, it is urgent that Parliament should at once be offorded an opportunity to affirm its support of the Government in any action it may see fit to take.

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