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Wednesday, 30 November 1927

Senator Sir GEORGE PEARCE - On the 10th inst. Senator Findley asked me the following questions, and I promised him that a report would he obtained as soon as possible: -

1.   Whether the published statement that the Commonwealth Income Tax Department is an unsecured creditor to the amount of £28,133 in connexion with the insolvency of Reynolds Driver, whose liabilities are stated to be £33,766, is correct?

2.   If the income tax assessment is as stated, what period does the assessment cover?

3.   What steps were taken before the insolvency to secure payment of. taxation ?

The answers to the honorable senator's questions are as follow: -

1.   The Commonwealth is making a claim against the insolvent estate of Reynolds Driver, for £28,133 for income tax. The liabilities of the insolvent are not known to the Commonwealth ?

2.   For the years 1923-24 and 1925-26.

3.   The Commissioner of Income Tax has informed'' the Government that section 12 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1922-26 prohibits him from giving this information.

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