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Thursday, 24 November 1927

Senator CRAWFORD (QUEENSLAND) (Honorary Minister) - On the 18th instant Senator Chapman asked the followingquestion, on notice -

1.   Before the commencement of the broadening of the gauge of the western railway system, did any negotiations or conversations on the subject take place between the South Australian and Commonwealth Governments having for their basis the substitution of 4 ft. 8½ in. for the 5-ft. 3-in. gauge?

2.   Did the Commonwealth Government offer to pay half or any portion of the cast if the 4 -ft. 8½-in. gauge were laid.

I have pleasure now in furnishing the following reply: - 1.. In 1921 the Prime Minister and. the Premier of the States, including South Australia, agreed to the adoption of 4 ft. 8½ in. as the standard gauge for the Australian railway systems. The conversion of the 3-ft. 6-in. lines of the western railway system to 5 ft. 3 in. was undertaken some time after the decision to adopt 4 ft. 8½ in. as the standard gauge. There were no notifications from the South Australian Government before the work was undertaken.

2.   No.

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