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Friday, 11 November 1927
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Senator McLACHLAN - On 6th and- 7th October last Senator Needham mentioned the loss of civilian, pay by certain trainees attending a parade at Perth on the occasion of the visit of the Duke and Duchess of York, and the promise by the

Minister for Defence that if other trainees were similarly situated to Trainee Foley, who was recouped, by the department, the difference between his military pay and the wages he had lost, they would be treated in a like manner. I am now in a position to advise the honorable senator that only one other similar case has been brought to light, and in connexion with it authority has been given for the necessary payment. The Minister for Defence does not intend to authorize pay for all troops attending the parade, because specific instructions were promulgated locally long before th<> event that' pay would be issuable for mounted escorts and guards of honour only, but not for troops lining the streets, and as far as can be ascertained, the only trainees who suffered monetarily through any misunderstanding that may have arisen, are the two alluded to above, who have been compensated.

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