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Wednesday, 2 November 1927

Layout ofcity: Sir John Sulmans Advice. - Alleged Faulty Construction.

Senator Sir WILLIAMGLASGOW.On the 14th October Senator Elliott asked me the following questions,- upon notice -

1.   Has the Minister's attention been directed to the article by Sir John Sulman which appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald of Tuesday last?

2.   Are the facts therein stated correct, and, if so, why was the very important and valuable advice of Sir John Sulman not carried into effect ?

3.   Has the Minister's attention been drawn to the extremely faulty drainage system of thu Kurrajong Hotel site. Who is the officer responsible, and will the Minister arrange for the matter to be fully investigated by the Commonwealth Health Authorities and the

Public Works Department, in view of the great danger to the health of members occupying rooms there?

4.   Is the Minister aware that the roof structure enforced upon lessees of the Civic Centre business block provides for a large expanse of sheet iron, and that the excessive expansion and contraction of this material, owing to climatic conditions in Canberra, renders such design so faulty that it cannot be made waterproof?

5.   Will the Minister have this matter thoroughly investigated by the Public Works Department, the health authorities, and representatives of the leaseholders, with a view to some remedy being devised and the payment of proper compensation to the lessees effected?

The Minister for Home and Territories has now furnished the following answers to these questions: -

1.   Yes.

2.   This matterwas dealt with by a previous Government, but the files disclose that the Government of the day considered the advice of Sir John Sulman and of others, and decided not to adopt that of Sir John Sulman on the ground that it would have prejudiced the principles of the city plan.

3.   No. The Federal Capital Commission has reported that the drainage system of the Hotel Kurrajong site is neither extremely faulty nor faulty.

4.   No. The restrictions as to design imposed by the commission did not include any feature which introduced any special difficulty in the way of making the roofs watertight. " Large expanses of sheet iron " were not required, all materials other than tiles merely needing the approval of the commission, and the actual detail design and method of construction being strictly a matter for the lessees' own architects.

5.   No. Defects which may have revealed themselves in any of the roofs at Civic Centre are entirely a matter for the attention of the lessees themselves and their own architects.

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