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Wednesday, 12 October 1927

Senator Sir WILLIAM GLASGOW (Queensland) (Minister for Defence) [9.31].- I move-

That after paragraph (b) the following new paragraph be inserted: - " and

(c)   by a lining at the end thereof the following sub-section: - (2.) Notwithstanding anything contained in this section, in any case in which a postal ballotpaper, if posted or delivered as provided in paragraph (e) or paragraph (f) of the preceding sub-section, would not reach the Divisional Returning Officer for the Division in respect of which the elector claims to vote, before the close of the Poll the envelope in which the ballot-paper is enclosed may be addressed to, and posted or delivered to, any other Divisional Returning Officer, who shall deal with it in the prescribed manner ' ".

The purpose of the amendment is to enable a person who has a postal vote to post it to the nearest divisional returning officer, but the ballot-paper must be received by that divisional officer before the close of the poll.

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