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Wednesday, 12 October 1927

Senator CHAPMAN (South. Australia) . - The Minister told us this afternoon that the bulk of the £5,700 to be set aside for civil aviation will be spent in connexion with the projected air service between Perth and Adelaide. I am glad that that is so; but the amount appears to be very small. I have here a magazine which gives particulars of the various air routes of Europe. It shows that the German and French air routes are much longer than those of Britain. Iu addition, there are German-Danish lines, Soviet Russian lines, which are longer than the British routes, and also German-Russian routes. England is far behind some other countries in the matter of air routes. Not only for civil aviation purposes, but also for purposes of defence, our air services should be developed. I understand that tenders have been called for some of these services, but more should have been done. We have splendid air services in the eastern States and in Western Australia, but there is no connecting link between them. The proposed service between Perth and Adelaide will connect east with west, and expedite communication generally It will mean that the English mail, together with Western Australian letters will be delivered in the eastern States days earlier than is at present the case. It is going to revolutionize business methods. I shall be glad if the Minister will inform me of the reason for the delay in linking up.

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