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Wednesday, 12 October 1927

Senator McLACHLAN - On the 6th October, Senator Millen asked the following questions: -

1.   What amount has been contributed by the Federal Government to the Tasmanion State Government for road development, construction or maintenance?

2.   What amounts have been granted to each of the other States for the same purposes ?

3.   Of these various sums what amounts have been token from the sums raised through petrol and other motor taxes?

4.   What amounts were obtained from (a) petrol, and (b) motor taxes, since 1st August 1928?

I promised that the information would be obtained, and I am now able to supply the following answers to the honorable senator's questions : - 1 and 2. Up to 30th June, 1920, the Commonwealth made available the following sums to the States for road development, construction or maintenance: -


The total amount actually paid over to the States was £2,334,000, and the balance of £1,416,000 was held in Trust Fund at the 30th June last on behalf of the States. 3 and 4. The total collections from the special duities on petrol since 1st August, 1926 to 30th September, 1927, were £1,389,372. Special duties on motor chassis were only imposed as from 29th September, 1927. Particulars of revenue from this item are not yet available.

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