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Friday, 7 October 1927

Senator THOMAS (NEW SOUTH WALES) . - Some years ago when we were first dealing with the group system, I rather favoured putting the names of the political parties against the candidates' names on ballot-papers, but there is great difficulty in doing so. Candidates may claim to be Nationalists or Labour when, as a matter of fact, they have no real claim to be so regarded. For instance, during the New South WalesState elections at the present moment, there are Labour men and Nationalists seeking election against the selected candidates of either party, and claiming to be regarded as Labour or Nationalist candidates, and not as Independent Labour or- Independent Nationalists, which they really are. If that difficulty can be overcome, I am prepared to support Senator Thompson, because in our vast Senate electorates we ought to give all the information possible to make it easy for people to record their votes correctly. Personally, I cannot see how the difficulty can be overcome. ,

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