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Thursday, 6 October 1927

Senator FINDLEY (Victoria) .- At an earlier stage I referred to what I consider is a serious menace to the health, comfort and happiness of the people of Canberra. I felt that I was justified in bringing it forward under the heading "Parliament," because Parliament created the Federal Capital Commission, and that what Parliamentcreates it can destroy. I have yet to learn that any commission or any other body constituted by parliament can flout the will of parliament.I donot say that the Federal Capital Commission is doing so in this case, but I am surprised to learn that is clothed with such powers that it can say, in effect, that the residents of the territory go thus far and no farther in regard to protecting their homes and guarding their health - that it can say that under certain conditions no fly-proof windows and doors will be permitted.

Senator Sir William Glasgow - Anyone can put up fly-proof windows or doors.

Senator FINDLEY - At his own expense.

Senator Sir William Glasgow - Of course.

Senator FINDLEY - I should like to know at whose expense fly-proof doors back and front and fly-proof kitchen and dining-room windows were provided in the brick area. I understand that the commission has placed these health protectors in the buildings in the brick area. Thereshould be no class distinctions in Canberra. Are the people of the brick area of more importance than those who live in the area where there are wooden buildings, and where I understand there are not fly-proof doors or windows? If the commission considers it right to put these health protectors on brick buildings, what reason does it advance for not treating in the same way those who live in the area to which I have just referred? I hope that the Government will urge the commission to make all tenements in the city area as nearly as possible fly and mosquito proof, especially when we are nearing the summer months, during which I arn informed, I think correctly, that blow-flies are a serious menace.

Senator Sir WILLIAMGLASGOW (Queensland, Minister for Defence) [5. 10]. - If people in the brick area have fly-proof doors and windows, they pay for them. If they are in rented houses, they pay extra rent, according to the cost of the buildings, inclusive of flyproof doors and windows. No distinction has been made in this respect between the brick area and the wood area.

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