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Wednesday, 5 October 1927

Senator NEEDHAM (Western Australia) . - I thought that when we assembled in this 0re spacious building, far from the madding crowd, under new conditions, and in new surroundings, the Government would abandon the bad old practice of moving the suspension of the stanling orders on the slightest pretext in order to rush a measure through the Senate. After a close season of over twelve months with the budget delivered three months late, we are asked to suspend the standing orders in order to rush a Supply Bill through in a few minutes. No matter how honorable senators on this side may protest, or divide the Senate, we can achieve nothing, but I ask the acting Leader of the Senate to try to get away from this very bad practice of asking that the Standing Orders be suspended on the slightest pretext. The Senate has not beer treated as it should have been. Another place has had this Supply Bill" before it for nearly four full sittings, but we are told that supply must be granted by to-morrow so that the various public services may be continued. The time is altogether too short to enable us to handle such an important measure. I hope that in future arrangements will be made whereby this branch of the legislature will have more time to consider a bill of this importance, and that it will be unnecessary to suspend the Standing Orders. I object to the Minister's proposal.

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