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Wednesday, 5 October 1927

Senator NEEDHAM (WESTERN AUSTRALIA) asked the Minister representing the Prime Minister, upon notice -

1.   Will the Prime Minister now take into consideration the request contained in my letter to him dated6th April last that swimming baths be erected at Canberra.

2.   In view of the fact that summer is rapidly approaching, will the Minister, if he favorably considers the matter, see that the work is put in hand immediately in order that the baths may be completed this year.

Senator Sir WILLIAM GLASGOW - This matter will be taken up with the Federal Capital Commission, and as soon as a decision has been reached in regard thereto, it will be communicated to the honorable senator.

Senator GRANT asked the Minister representing the Minister for Home and Territories, upon notice -

In view of the multiplicity of additions and amendments made to the ordinances and regulations in reference to Canberra and the Federal Capital Territory, will he have prepared for the use of senators a consolidation up to date of all such ordinances and regulations.

Senator Sir WILLIAM GLASGOW - In view of the expense involved, it is not thought that a consolidation of the ordinances and the regulations thereunder could, at this stage, be justified. Steps, will, however, be taken to have any ordinance which has been frequently amended consolidated. The honorable senator's difficulty could probably be overcome by the publication of an index to the ordinances and regulations. Instructions have been given for the preparation of such an index.

Senator DUNCAN asked the Minister representing the Minister for Home and Territories, upon notice -

1.   Is the government aware of the fact that senators are being inundated by correspondence from churches and temperance bodies, dealing with the question of the "no licence" regulations as applied to the Federal Capital area.

2.   With the view of quieting the public mind upon this matter,will the government say if there is any intention of, in the near future, remitting the question to a referendum of the residents of the area.

Senator Sir WILLIAM GLASGOW - The answers to the honorable senator's questions are as follow : -

1.   The government is aware that there has been considerable correspondence on the subject referred to by the honorable senator.

2.   As the Prime Minister has already announced, it is intended to take a poll on the question at such time and subject to such conditions as Parliament may determine. It is not, however, practicable at present to indicate theprobable date of thepolling.

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