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Wednesday, 28 September 1927

The PRESIDENT - I desire to acquaint the Senate that, on the evening of 9th May lost I waited upon His Royal Higness the Duke of York, and presented to him the Address that had been agreed to by the Senate on that day. His Royal Highness was pleased to make the following reply : -

The President of the Senate and Senators of the Parliament of the Commonwealth - I thank you most sincerely for the Address which you have just presented to me on behalf of the Senate of the Parliament of the Commonwealth. The Duchess and I are deeply grateful for your generous words, and I will not fail to convey to the King, my father, the expressions of duty and loyalty to the Crown and Person of the Sovereign which it contains. The King and Queen retain the most vivid recollections of their visit to Australia, when, as your Address recalls, he opened the tint Federal Parliament 20 years ago.

It 'is a source of the greatest pride to me that I should have been commissioned by the King to open the first meeting of the Commonwealth Parliament at Canberra, and thereby to inaugurate the new Capital City. The Duchess and I rejoice to have been associated with the people of the Commonwealth on this great and historic occasion. We shall always remember our visit to Australia, and to-day's culminating event as one of the proudest and happiest memories of our lives.

Wo pray that our present tour, and especially the ceremony of to-day performed, as ithas been, in the presence of representatives of various parts of the Empire, may bethe melius of drawing still closer the ties of loyalty, kinship, andaffection which bind together all members of the British Commonwealth.

Albert. 9th May, 1927.

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