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Monday, 9 May 1927

Assent to the following bills reported : -

Defence Bill.

Commonwealth Inscribed Stock 1927 Bill.

Bankruptcy Bill.

States Grants Bill.

Supply Bill (No. 1) 1927-28.

Dried Fruits Export Charges Bill.

Loan Bill (No. 1).

Commonwealth Conciliation and Arbitration Bill.

Judiciary Bill.

Wine Export Bounty Bill.

Invalid and Old-age Pensions Appropriation Bill.

States Loan Bill.

Pearl-shell Overseas Marketing Bill.

Pearl-shell Export Charges Bill.

Wire and Wire-netting Bill.

Petroleum Prospecting Bill.

War Service Homes Bill.

Supplementary Appropriation Bill 1924-2S.

Supplementary Appropriation (Works and Buildings) Bill1924-25.

Supplementary Appropriation Bill 1925-26.

Supplementary Appropriation (Works and Buildings) Bill 1925-26.

Fresh Fruits Overseas Marketing Bill.

Fresh Fruits Export Charges Bill.

Victorian Parliament House Memorial Bill.

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