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Thursday, 24 March 1927

Senator NEEDHAM (Western Australia) .- Thiswill be the last motion of its kind to be submitted by the Government in this chamber.I joinwith the Minister for Defence (Senator Glasgow) in expressing keen gratitude to the Parliament, the Government, and the people of Victoria for their hospitality during our occupancy of this building of historic associations. We shall carry with us memories that will last for all time. Theworkwhich has been accomplished in this building by not only the Commonwealth Parliament, but also the Parliament of Victoria before the establishment of federation, must have been an example and an inspiration to the people of the Old World. Itwas in this building that the Commonwealth launched out in legislation of a very advanced nature; so advanced, in fact, that the eyes of the people inother parts of the world have been almost continuously upon us. 1 venture to think that our example in that direction has been followed by other countries. I trust that when we legislate at the Seat of Government at Canberra it will be tho objective of Parliament, irrespective of the Govern ment that may be in charge of the destinies of the nation, to make its legislation not only progressive, but humane. I have no doubt that that will he done, and that in their new environment honorable senators will be inspired by sentiments as lofty as those which have guided their actions here. I regret having to leave this building, which for me has many pleasant memories; but at the same time, I shall bc glad to be one of the first to occupy the new home of the Commonwealth Parliament at Canberra. I join with the Minister in expressing good-will towards our hosts, and I hope that prosperity will attend them in the future.

Tha DEPUTY PRESIDENT (Senator Plain). - I regret exceedingly that the President is not with us to-day, but I am glad to be able to tell honorable senators that his health is improving, and that he hopes to be back with .us at an early date. Every one will be pleased to meet him again, more particularly at :the great gathering at Canberra on the 9th of May. Had he been here to-day, I am sure he would have expressed the. gratitude of tho Senate to the Victorian Parliament for the free use of this magnificent building for the many years we have been permitted to occupy it. I trust that the next 25 years will bring to the members of the State Parliament times as happy as those enjoyed by Federal members hero for the last quarter of a century. As a former member of the State legislature, I know many of the members of that Parliament, and I am quite sure that they will grace these halls which we with full appreciation of the service they have Tendered to us, now pass over to them, if not in a better condition, at least in a state of preservation as good as that in which we found them when .they were entrusted to our care.

Question resolved in the affirmative.

The Senate adjourned at 5.22 p.m. till such time on Monday, 9th of May, 1927, as is fixed by the President, and notified by him to each senator by telegram or letter.

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