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Thursday, 24 March 1927

Senator CRAWFORD (QUEENSLAND) (Honorary Minister) - On the 18th of March Senator Guthrie asked the following questions : -

1.   Have any alterations been recently made in the arrangements for the licensing of foreign aniline dyes for entry into Australia?

2.   If so, what are the altered arrangements, and when did they come into force?

3.   Have the commercial agents of the various aniline dye manufacturing concerns represented in Australia been advised of such altered arrangements, if any?

4.   If the granting of licences has been transferred to London, has the Minister for Trade and Customs arranged, or will he arrange, that the experts in control in London forward to the Customs Department in Australia samples of all aniline dyes licensed for Australia?

5.   Has the Minister arranged, or will he arrange, that samples of all aniline dyes licensed shall be tested against the samples upon which licence was granted in London?

6.   What quantities and values of Britishmade and German-made dyestuffs respectively have been entered into Melbourne and Sydney respectively during the last seven months?

7.   What samples of foreign aniline dyes entered into Melbourne and Sydney during the past seven months have been examined to ascertain whether or not the dyes entered conformed with the licence granted?

8.   Have there been any rejections on the ground of non-conformity?

I am now able to furnish the following answers to the honorable senator's questions : -

1.   Yes.

2.   All applications for licences to import foreign dyes must now be made to the High Commissioner's Office, London, and they are then submitted to the British Board of Trade for advice as to whether equivalent dyes of British origin are available. This arrangement came into operation in January. 1927.

3.   Yes. 4 and 5. No such arrangements with regard to samples have been made, but the matter is receiving consideration.

6.   The values are- British, £77,741; German, £34,318. The quantities of dyes imported are not recorded for statistical purposes.

7.   Ninety-eight, approximately.

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