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Tuesday, 15 March 1927

Senator CRAWFORD - The Minister for Markets and Migration supplies the following answers : - 1 and 2. In 1922. the Commonwealth Government undertook to contribute to wards the cost of establishing and maintaining a division of the New Settlers' League inTasmania, and, in pursuance of the undertaking, contributions were paid during the financial year 1922-23. Later, the undertaking was varied, the Commonwealth agreeing to contribute one half of the cost of maintenance of the league in various States. So far as the Commonwealth is concerned, this arrangement still stands, but no claimhas been made on the Commonwealth since 1924 in respect of Tasmania.

3.   The following amounts were paidby the Commonwealth Government towards the upkeep of the New Settlers' League in Tasmania during the years ended: - 30th June, 1923, £347 8s. 8d.; 30th June, 1924, nil; 30th June, 1925, £338 4s.1d.; 30th June, 1926, nil. Practically the whole of the amount contributed by the Commonwealth Government for the year ending 30th June, 1925, represented expenditure incurred during the financial year, 1922-23.

4.   The whole question of the future operations of auxiliary organizations connected with migration, is to be reviewed by the Development and Migration Commission.

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