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Friday, 4 March 1927

Senator CHAPMAN (South Australia) . - It is surprising to find that a Bankruptcy Bill which was before Parliament for a considerable time should now have to be amended in this way. An extraordinary number of new provisions are submitted which we are informed are absolutely necessary to ensure the satisfactory working of the act. This measure, embodying a number of amendments of the principal act, was placed in our hands only this morning, and we are now asked to pass it without the opportunity of. referring it to persons who are vitally interested. In regard to the point raised by Senator Thompson, I trust the Honorary Minister (Senator McLachlan) will agree to report progress at this stage, so that honorable senators will have an opportunity, if they so desire, to confer with the various interests concerned. So far as I can see, there can be no reasonable objection to the proposed amendments, but representations might be made by various interests which would throw a different light on the opinions expressed by the Honorary Minister, whom we all regard as a level-headed man. I ask the Minister if he will not give us time to carefully study the provisions of this measure over the week-end in case there should be any difference of opinion concerning the points under discussion.

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