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Wednesday, 11 August 1926

Senator GUTHRIE (VICTORIA) asked the Minister representing the Minister for Defence, upon notice, regarding the training of boys for the Australian Navy -

1.   Has the Government definitely decided to scrap the training ship Tingira?

2.   Has it been decided to alter the age at which boys will be accepted for training,; and, if so, why?

3.   Is it the intention of the Government that in future boys will not be accepted except between the ages of 17 and 21 years ?

4.   If so, will such a system preclude any of the boys who commence their training at such a late age advancing to senior rank?

5.   Are the changes in the system of providing for the training of boys for the Australian Navy being made with the full approval or under the advice of the Naval. Board ?

6.   Did the Naval Board report against the advisability of training boys at the Flinders Naval Base and urge that they be trained at a separate base from that of grown men?

7.   If so, why is the advice of the Naval Board being ignored?

Senator Sir WILLIAMGLASGOW.The replies to the honorable senator's questions are as follow: -

1.   Yes

2.   The regulations have not been altered, but portion of the existing scheme of recruiting is being suspended.

3.   Boys have, upto the present, been accepted for training in Tingira between the ages of 14¾ and 16¾. It may be stated that boys are entered in the Royal Navy between the ages of15¼ and 16¾ and it was intended to conform to those ages in the Australian Navy. Youths between the ages of 17 and 21 have, for many years, been entered direct for training at Flinders Naval Depot. All that is being done at present isto suspend the entry of boys between the ages of 14¾ and 16¾.

4.   No.

5.   The changes have been made as a temporary measure, with the concurrence of the Naval Board.

6.   Yes; and that is why the entry of boys between the ages of 14¾ and 16¾ is not being made to Flinders Naval Depot.

7.   See answer to 5 and 6.

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