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Thursday, 22 July 1926

Senator ELLIOTT (VICTORIA) asked the Minister for Home and Territories^ upon notice -

1.   la it a fact that, although! there are hundreds of acres unoccupied in the Federal Capital site, the commission will not at the present time sell a business site in or near the cmo centre to a bona fide applicant?

2.   If such is the case, what is the reason for this policy?

3.   Is it a fact that, although the commission allege that there is no demand for further land, purchasers at previous sales, who have only paid one year's rent and have not done anything to the land, are demanding a premium of from £1,500 down to £200 cash on their bargains ?

4.   If so, do the Government or the commission propose to stop this profiteering at the expense of bona fide settlers by making further lands available in the near future?

5.   Is it a fact that the Commonwealth Bank has declined to accept a site offered to it owing to the onerous building conditions attached and, rather than accept such conditions, has purchased a site at auction at a high figure?

Senator Sir WILLIAM GLASGOW - The information desired by the honorable senator is being obtained, and will be furnished as soon as possible.

Senator ELLIOTT asked the Minister for Home and Territories, upon notice -

Is it a fact that the architect who designed the homes for civil servants shown in the pamphlet recently circulated by the Federal Capital Commission, has resigned his position?

Senator Sir WILLIAMGLASGOW Inquiries are being made regarding this matter, and a reply will be furnished as soon as possible.

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