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Thursday, 15 July 1926

Salvationist's View. Says Britain Must ' Use Both Legs. - Commissioner Lamb. " We are manacled by economic dogmas, and have reached a choice of action or disaster," said Commissioner Lamb, of the Salvation Army, giving the Colonial Institute his views on migration, formed on his recent world tour, which included Australia.

Commissioner Lamb urged amended legislation to provide for extensive farm training in England, especially of youths, and the payment of a dole to the dependants of the trainees, a ten-years' programme of intensive migration, and the creation of a commission to carry out the proposals.

It is quite evident that Commissioner Lamb is an advocate of the inauguration of a scientific scheme of migration - " We must develop a continuous elastic policy of co-ordination of the dominions," he said. " The pioneers were not ballasted by Blue books. We have forgotten how to adventure. We must develop a long view, or perish. We undertake meagre expenditure on migration and pay out £500,000,000 in demoralizing doles."

The suggestion is that a considerable portion of the money spent in doles might be devoted to a migration scheme -

In Australia the "economic bug" has infected its victims with the belief that migrants are competing for existing jobs; but the malady has yielded to treatment. New Zealand i's ready to receive more migrants. Much preparation is necessary.

The press supports every argument for extensive migration. Britain ought to spend more than the dominions on it. Mr. Bruce is developing a big scheme, but Australia is not the whole Empire. Similar schemes should be launched elsewhere.

The Western Australian group scheme is most interesting; -but the evils of isolation must be avoided.

Hitherto we have moved like cripples. Let us use both legs and speed up.

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