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Friday, 25 June 1926

Senator REID (Queensland) .- It is only natural that there should be a considerable difference of opinion concerning the manner in which films are censored; but I think it is admitted that the censors are doing their work satisfactorily, and that it is the desire of producers to keep the pictures clean. I remind Senator Guthrie that some of the British productions sent to Australia for exhibition are censored more severely than are some American films. I endorse the sentiments expressed by Senator Thomas concerning a certain war film which we had the opportunity of seeing the other day. Many, I believe, attended under the impression that the whole production was anti-British, antiAustralian, and anti almost everything that wasnot American; but I came away believing that the whole production was anti-war. It is true that a good deal of credit is given to American soldiers; but

I suppose that is only natural in an American production. We were told by interjection that an honorable senator who has had considerable military experience said that the whole thing was a burlesque. It may have been overdone in certain respects, but, generally speaking, I regard it as one of the most realistic war pictures I have seen. I join with Senator Thomas in the hope that the picture will be released by the department, so that the rising generation may realize the horrors of war, and do all in its power to create an atmosphere of peace. The part which Great Britain, the dominions, and other nations played in the Great War should be included; but I do not think it can be said that the production is anti-British.

Senator H Hays - There was a good deal omitted that might well have been included.

Senator REID - I do not suggest that it is a perfect picture. Such productions are of great educational value.

Senator H Hays - The fathers who went to the war will tell their children of the horrors of war.

Senator REID - Unfortunately, there were many fathers who did not return We should endeavour to create an atmosphere of peace amongst the nations, and pictures such as that to which reference has been made will, I feel sure, assist in that direction.

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