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Friday, 25 June 1926


Senator GRANT - That is a pity, because I am anxious to see a line constructedas soon as possible to meet the convenience of those residents of other States who will shortly be visiting Canberra. I notice in the bill an item relating to the maintenance of the GovernorGeneral's establishments at Melbourne and Sydney. I should like to know whether it is a fact that all the tobacco and liquors that are consumed at Government House are free from excise and Customs duties?

The PRESIDENT - There is nothing in the bill relating to that matter.

Senator GRANT - I thought that I could discuss it under the item " GovernorGeneral's establishment."

The PRESIDENT - The honorable senator may criticize the uses to which the expenditure is applied.

Senator GRANT - Apparently, honorable senators are very greatly restricted in debate at this stage of the bill.

The PRESIDENT - The honorable senator had a full opportunity to debate any subject, whether relevant or irrelevant to the bill, on the motion for the first reading. If he did not avail himself of it, it was his fault, not mine.

Senator GRANT - I should like to know whether it is intended to organize an air service for the carriage of mails to Tasmania. The people of that State are put to great inconvenience when the shipping services are interrupted. Those who live on the mainland can get their mails by aeroplane, railway, motor car, or steamship. The position in Tasmania is quite different.

The PRESIDENT - The honorable senator must see that that matter is not relevant to the second reading of the bill.

Senator GRANT - Another subject that has exercised my mind in recent years is that of the irrigation works being carried out in the Hume Valley. I see no item in the schedule relating to the opening of the mouth of the River Murray.

The PRESIDENT - That matter has nothing to do with the bill.

Senator GRANT - Then I shall endeavour to extract the information at the committee stage.

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