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Wednesday, 23 June 1926

Senator BARNES (Victoria) .- It would be inadvisable to retain the words to which exception has been taken. Ifthe organization with which I am associated were in a mischievous frame of mind, it could take advantage of the clause as its stands, and I venture to say that it would in certain circumstances do so. It recently obtained an award in the pastoral industry. Next year the employers may consider themselves entitled to apply for a rehearing of the case, or for an alteration of that award. I contend that the Australian Workers Union could, if it chose, allow 10,000 men to appear personally before the court. I can understand my legal friend opposite claiming that the parties should be represented by counsel. My union does not desire to see the spectacle of ten thousand persons appearing individually before the court. It claims to be a responsible body. The award that my union recently obtained was made for a year; but circumstances next year might warrant an alteration of that award.

The CHAIRMAN (Senator Newlands - The honorable senator is repeating his arguments. Unless he breaks some fresh ground I shall ask him to resume his seat.

Senator BARNES - A provision of this character should not be placed on the statute-book. An organization, whether of employers or employees, can be brought before the court andmade responsible; but that is not the case with individuals.

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