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Wednesday, 23 June 1926

Senator NEEDHAM (Western Australia) . - I move -

That the proposed new section 14b be left out.

Every important position should carry a salary that is commensurate with the responsibility of the office and the duties that have to be performed, so that a sufficient margin will be allowed for the proper maintenance of the officer after his retirement. Many men and women in the Public Service to-day are not being paid such a salary. If the salaries which the bill specifies for the chief judge and the other two judges are not sufficient to provide for their future, they should be increased by this Parliament to the point at which they will give a sense of security.

Senator Sir Henry Barwell - Is the honorable senator altogether opposed to the principle of pensions ?

Senator NEEDHAM - I am not. On the contrary, I am a supporter of the prin- ciple of universal pensions, under which every citizen of this Commonwealth would receive a pension upon reaching a certain age. We have upon our statute-book a Pensions Act, under which the aged in our community receive the paltry sum of £1 a week when they attain the age of 65 years in the case of males and 60 years in the case of females. But those persons, before receiving a pension, were on the bread line. We should fix a proper salary for the position, and the responsibility would then be on the occupant of the office if he did not provide for his retirement.

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