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Tuesday, 22 June 1926

Senator LYNCH (Western Australia) . - I remind Senator Reid that railway workshops, as a State instrumentality, were included in the 1911 referendum, and were purposely excluded in the 1913 referendum in order to ensure more united support at the ballot-box.

Senator Needham - Railways were not excluded in the 1913 referendum.

Senator LYNCH - They were excluded, as I have said, for the special purpose of making the questions more acceptable to the electors. Notwithstanding what Senator Drake-Brockman and Senator Reid may say to the contrary, I am submitting my amendment with the idea of helping the Government. In the circumstances, I ask the Minister to postpone consideration of this clause until to-morrow, when it should be possible to submit an amendment in language that will make it acceptable to honorable senators. I believe, with Senator Elliott, that if the several State activities can be enumerated, it is desirable to include them so as to prevent any further invasion of the sovereign rights of the States at the sweet will of any government of the Commonwealth. I wish the State powers to be retained, and if my amendment is defeated I shall have to persevere in some other direction.

Amendment negatived.

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