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Wednesday, 16 June 1926

Senator CRAWFORD (QueenslandHonorary Minister) . - Although Senator Elliott's amendment was only circulated to-day, the points raised in it had previously been carefully considered by the taxation officials and the Treasurer, and had already been debated at some length in another place. With every desire to bo fair and just to those whom it was intended to exempt from assessments under the war-time profits tax, the Government feels that iu the bill now before the Senate it has gone as far as it possibly can without departing completely from the basio principles of the original act. It. is true that there are some anomalies under the act, as there are bound to be. in the operation of all taxation measures, but the bill under consideration will remove most of them. I cannot agree with the honorable senator's suggestion that the further consideration of the clause should be postponed.The points raised in the amendmenthave had careful and deliberate consideration, and furthermore in its present form it would not be effective even ifit were embodied in the bill.

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