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Wednesday, 16 June 1926

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN (Senator Kingsmill (WESTERN AUSTRALIA) - I point out to the Minister that his observations, as well as those of the previous speaker, while applicable to clause 4, are irrelevant to the amendment now before the committee.

Senator CRAWFORD - As I am now replying to speeches that were irrelevant, I suppose my remarks are likewise irrelevant.

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN.I referred to the irrelevancy so that it might now cease with the statement and the explanation.

Senator CRAWFORD - The intention of Parliament is so clearly expressed in section 8 that there could be no possible doubt as to the full benefits which Parliament wished to confer upon those who enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force. I should like to inform Senator Elliott that in its present form his amendment will not attain the object he has in view. It will need to be submitted in a different form.

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