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Friday, 11 June 1926

Senator PEARCE (Western Australia) (Minister for Home and Territories) . - I do not know that the Government could pursue that man under a civil contract in a foreign country such as America. I do not think that we would have any remedy. I think we must rely on the honour of these young men to come back to Australia, and I should imagine that there will be every inducement for them to return to their own country, where they expect to make careers for themselves. Every precaution will be taken by the Government, but if a man is dishonorable and deliberately breaks a contract in the way suggested, I do not know that we would have any remedy. All we can do is to rely on the honour of the men we send away.

Senator THOMPSON(Queensland) [3.54 1 . - If a man who, though not a university student, is of an inventive turu of mind, hits upon something likely to be of value, but in the development of which he requires advice from older parts of the world, will he get assistance from this fund, so that he may complete his invention for the benefit of Australia?

Senator PEARCE - The bill does not contemplate giving assistance in those circumstances. If the door were opened to that sort of thing, the council would be flooded by people who, quite sincerely no doubt, imagine 'that they can invent something of value if they are only given assistance.

Senator GRANT(New South Wales) [3.55J. - I should like to know if advantage can be taken of the knowledge gained by the various research bureaux conducted by private firms, such as the Broken Hill Proprietary Limited and many others that could be mentioned? Is provision made for any discoveries those bureaux are likely to make to be made available to the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research?

Senator PEARCE - No, . not under this bill. Under the other bill, provision is made for co-opting as members of State committees persons engaged in research work for private firms. The benefit of their skill and their knowledge will thus be obtained.

Clause agreed to.

Clauses 9 and 10 agreed to.

Title agreed to.

Bill reported -without amendment; report adopted.

Senate adjourned st 3.57 p.m.

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