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Wednesday, 9 June 1926

Senator PAYNE (Tasmania) .-- The Minister's explanation is satisfactory up to a certain point. I understood, some time ago, that the ordinary house meters were being commercially manufactured in Australia and, on the whole, were giving satisfaction. Every householder who has to pay rent for a meter is aware that soon after the inauguration of the industry for their manufacture in Australia local authorities put up the rent of these meters by 50 per cent., on the ground that the meters were costing them more money. Perhaps no one should cavil at that; but the- point I want to make is that, according to information I have received from the manager of an electrical organization in Tasmania-, the increased price of meters tends to increase the cost of power supplied to secondary industries. 1 claimno technical knowledge of this matter, but according to my information there would appear to be two kinds of meters covered by the item, one of which is commercially supplied by an Australian company whilst the other is not.

Senator Crawford - If that is so, those that are not manufactured in Australia earn be admitted duty free under item 415 a.

Item agreed to.

Item 182 -

By omitting the whole item, twice occurring and inserting in its stead the following item : - 182. Bolts, Nuts, Rivets, and Metal Washers n.e.i.; Screws with nuts or for use with nuts; engineers' Set Screws, ad val, British 35 per cent, intermediate 45 per cent., general 50 per cent.

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