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Friday, 4 June 1926

Senator PAYNE (Tasmania) .- I should like to know if the proposed duty on towels is higher than it was under the tariff of 1921.

Senator Crawford - There is no increased duty on towels, but there is an increase on towelling.

Senator PAYNE - Under what item did the duty on towels appear under the 1921 tariff?

Senator Crawford - Under item 120 (a), " Articles of furnishing drapery and napery."

Senator PAYNE - It is satisfying to have the assurance of the Minister that it is not proposed to increase the duty on towels. I ought to say how pleased I was recently when I visited Sydney to find the towel-making industry satisfactorily developed. Bond and Company are putting out a splendid article under the protection afforded by the tariff of 1921. They are making what are known in the trade as terry towels, but they arc not making what are known as honeycomb, huckerback, or crash towellings. Will these towels come in under the duty obtaining hitherto if they are finished towels ?

Senator Crawford - Yes.

Senator PAYNE - Towelling in the piece manufactured by Bond and Company is also terry. I should like to know what will be the position of crash, huckerback, or honeycomb towelling in the piece defined or not defined for cutting up?

Senator Crawford - That class of towelling will be admitted at the lower rates of duty provided in sub-paragraphs 2 and 3.

Senator PAYNE - It has been suggested to me that the word " terry " ought to be inserted before the word "towelling," but I shall be satisfied if I have the assurance of the Minister that the other makes of towelling not made of terry may be imported in the piece at the reduced rates of duty.

Senator Crawford - It is not necessary to define any particular kind of towelling. I understand there is a large variety of towels imported.

Senator PAYNE - Yes. The only class made by Bond and Company is terry. Other varieties are not in general use, and they are not manufactured in Australia. Do I understand that British towelling in the piece not defined for cutting up, and of a class not manufactured in Australia will be admitted free?

Senator Crawford - Yes.

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