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Friday, 4 June 1926

Senator GRAHAM (Western Australia) . - I shall support Senator Findley's request to protect the manufacturer of men's- caps in Australia. The workers who make these caps in London, if the invoice price of them is 12s. a dozen f .o.b., must get something like 3½d. each for them. The material of which they are made is shoddy pure and simple, whereas the Australian-made caps are of Australian tweed. If honorable senators prefer the importation of these caps made with the shoddy material to the establishment of another Australian industry, they are indeed lacking in a true Australian sentiment. There is nothing to indicate that the caps described as being made in Great Britain are not made in Japan, Sweden, Germany, or some other country, and stamped as " Made in Great Britain."

Senator Guthrie - We should insist upon the- country of origin being stamped on these goods.

Senator GRAHAM - That is so. I doubt whether Senator Ogden was sincere when he talked about saving the Empire. In this1 case, it is not a matter of saving the Empire, but of keeping people from starving, because, if those engaged in this industry have> to compete with caps which' cain be landed here from other countries at the price indicated by Senator Findley, they must starve. I appeal to> the better judgment of honorable senators to support Senator Findley^ request, and bring about the establishment of a new industry in Australia.

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