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Friday, 4 June 1926

Senator McLACHLAN (South Australia) . - If we are to continue a discussion of this kind we shall never reach finality in the consideration of the tariff. Parliament has' appointed a tribunal to deal with tariff matters and to make recommendations. I, on. one occasion, came into sharp conflict with the Tariff Board because I thought that one of its recommendations was not justified by the evidence. We have heard from Senator Findley nothing to justify our goingbeyond the recommendations of the Tariff Board, which, I understand, are embodied in the Government proposals. By them I am prepared to abide ; but I am not prepared in this chamber to traverse the whole of the arguments in favour of increasing the duty by 2s. or reducing it by1s. We have before us the maximum duty recommended by the Tariff Board. The facts which have been presented to us this morning were, no doubt, placed before the Tariff Board. If they were not, they ought to have been. If this commitee is to consider the whole of the details which should already have been presented to the Tariff Board, we shall arrive at a state of absolute confusion. What the Tariff Board recommends I shall stand for, but not more.

Senator Findley - In all cases?

Senator McLACHLAN - In all cases, except where I think that the board has acted on insufficient evidence.

Senator Crawford - In that case, why bring the tariff before Parliament at all ?

Senator McLACHLAN - It is necessary to obtain legislative sanction to its recommendations. No good case for additional duties was made out in connexion with the first item, but honorable senators voted for the recomendations of the Tariff Board.The argument which applied then should apply now. I admit that Senator Findley is consistent, and that he has presented his case well; but the arguments whch he has brought forward this morning should have been addressed to the Tariff Board. If that has not already been done, an opportunity to do so would readily be granted. Finality has not yet been reached. Seeing that the Tariff Board appointed by Parliament has considered this matter and made its recommendations, I shall stand by those recommendations.

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN (Senator Kingsmill - I must ask honorable senators to endeavour to restrain themselves, and keep to the item under consideration.

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