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Thursday, 3 June 1926

Senator PAYNE (Tasmania) .- I desire to refer only to the comments of Senator Guthrie. Not a single word that he uttered bore upon the question which I raised. By exhibiting a garment which had been made at the Lincoln knitting mills, he led the chamber to believe that he was striking a death blow at the arguments I adduced earlier in the day. That garment cannot be considered in this debate. It is composed of silk and cotton, and is subject to a special tariff. The garment which I produced contains cotton only. But for the silk binding, it would come in under a tariff of1s. per garment plus 30 per cent., whereas, on account of the silk binding, it is charged a duty of 2s.6d. plus 30 per cent. The garment produced by Senator Guthrie has cotton and silk in the fabric; but mine does not contain any silk in the fabric. Senator Guthrie omitted to draw attention to the fact that portion of the fabric of his garment was silk. The Customs Department should not be permitted to impose on cotton goods a higher duty than the tariff stipulates.

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