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Thursday, 3 June 1926

The CHAIRMAN - The honorable senator, having done so, will now come back to the sub-item.

Senator FINDLEY - Honorable senators know my views in regard to protection. I shall vote for the highest form of protection for any Australian industry.

Senator Ogden - Unquestioningly.

Senator Lynch - And without limit.

Senator FINDLEY - Yes, especially when I see arecommendation of the Tariff Board adopted by a Government which is not wholeheartedly in favour of tho protectionist policy. In regard to the interjection of Senator Lynch, I may say that I would go almost to the limit of prohibition, because the prohibition of the importation of goods would probably mean the establishment of more and more industries in Australia. It is said that those who will derive advantage from the protection afforded by these duties will have the field to themselves. My experience of life is that when the going is good, and the field is open, it is not long before others get into it and start in the same line of business.

Senator H Hays - And what happens then?

Senator FINDLEY - With more and more factories we shall have more competition.

Senator H Hays - But what would be done with the surplus output?

Senator FINDLEY - My idea is that we should strive to consume here in Australia everything we produce. We are to-day exporting too much, because there is not a sufficiently big home market for our producers. If we had more and more industries, and more aud more of our people engaged in them, we should have a wider and bigger home market. Therefore, those who are interested in primary production should think very seriously before they support lower duties 'which, in some instances, would amount to merely revenue tariff duties. I shall support the Government on this sub-item. Notwithstanding what Senator Grant has said, every item in the schedule will be . passed. Were the Government wholly dependent upon its own supporters, it would probably experience difficulty in carrying some of them; but, because the majority of the members of the Labour party are in favour of the increased duties, the Government's proposals will be approved.

The CHAIRMAN (Senator Newlands - The honorable senator has exhausted his time.

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