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Wednesday, 2 June 1926

Senator CRAWFORD (QueenslandHonorary Minister) . - In introducing the bill I pointed out that decreases proposed in the schedule represented a reduction in revenue of over £750,000, which was as far as the Government felt it could go. There are many items similar to those now under discussion. If there is to be a further reduction on these items the Government will be placed in a difficult position. A certain amount has to be provided each year, and, necessarily, a proportion must come from Customs collections. Every Government looks to this source for some portion of its revenue.

Senator Findley - Why not tax luxuries ?

Senator CRAWFORD - Luxuries are taxed. This item will not amount to a great deal, but there are many others of a similar character, and we cannot consistently further reduce the duties on this item without malting corresponding reductions throughout the schedule.

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