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Wednesday, 2 June 1926

Senator CRAWFORD (QueenslandHonorary Minister) . - It refers to unground spices which are to be put on the free list. Under the 1921 tariff, item 96 c, unground spices for manufacturing purposes were, under departmental by-laws, admitted free from all countries. Practically the whole of the imported spices come from foreign countries. It is hoped that this reduction will have the effect of causing the spices to be ground in Australia, and of lessening household expenses. The free admission of these goods will not injure any Australian industry. The abolition of the duty will mean a reduction of revenue of £23,540. A bounty has been approved on the export of unground spices from Papua and New Guinea.

Senator Needham - What was the duty?

Senator CRAWFORD - Twopence a lb.

Item agreed to.

Item 105-


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