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Thursday, 27 May 1926

Senator PEARCE (Western Australia) (Minister for Home and Territories) .- I move-

That the amendment be agreed to.

The provision in the bill as it left the Senate was that the rights of public servants who might be appointed as commissioners should be safeguarded. But we have other services, the Commonwealth Railways Service and the Northern Territory Service, which are distinct from the Public Service, and the object of this amendment is to safeguard the rights of any member of those Services who might be appointed to the commission. If the amendment were not inserted, officers other than those in the Public Service would lose all their rights to superannuation, holiday and sick leave, and so on. As the Senate favoured preserving the rights of public servants, I feel sure that it will agree to this amendment. If this amendment is agreed to, consequential amendments, as made by another place, will be necessary to this and the next clause.

Senator Needham - The rights and privileges of the persons appointed will be safeguarded.

Senator PEARCE - Tes.

Motion agreed to.

Consequential amendments in clauses 13 and 14 agreed to.

Clause 16 - (1.) Subject to this act, the powers of the commission shall extend to the following matters in relation to the development of so much of the Territory as is situated north of the twentieth parallel of south latitude (in this act referred to as ."the prescribed part of the Territory"): -

(a)   the maintenance and operation of railways ;.....

House of Representatives' Amendment. -After " railways " insert " subject to the terms of any arrangement made between the Minister "and the Commonwealth Railways Commissioner ".

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