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Wednesday, 23 November 1921

The CHAIRMAN (Senator Bakhap - I ask Senator Lynch to keep more closely to the request under reconsideration. A comparison of the Senate with the United States' Senate can scarcely be regarded as relevant to the question.

Senator LYNCH - I am showing the inevitable effect of the action proposed by the Government on the character and constitutional position of the Senate. I do not beat about the bush, but tell the members of the Government straight to their faces what I think of them. I am pointing out what must be the effect on the Senate if we forego every request we have made, out of a slavish respect for what has been done in another place. Let me say that the people concerned in this particular item are making the rod iron from which wire and wire-netting are manufactured, and if they lose on one product of their factories they gain on another. It should be brought home to these manufacturers that the Federal Parliament has not been instituted to give them special benefits, whilst poor wretches far afield are given no such benefits. Something will be accomplished if some of these manufacturers . have to suffer financial loss, if at the same time they are taught a lesson, by the. duties we decide to impose. Even at the eleventh hour and fifty-ninth minute I am trying to re-awaken honorable senators to some consciousness and recognition of the constitutional position of this Chamber, and I hope that by their vote on the motion they will maintain it.

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