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Wednesday, 23 November 1921

In Committee(Consideration of House of Representatives message resumed from 18th November, vide page 12981) :

Item403 -

And on and after8th July, 1921 -

Manures. - Free.

Senate's Bequest.- Amend item to make it read -

Manures -

(a)   Superphosphates manufactured within the British Empire from rock phosphate produced within the British Empire, including any Territory administered undermandate by any part of the British Empire, British, free; intermediate, free; general, free. (b)N.e.i,. ad val., British, 10 per cent.; intermediate, 1*5 per cent.; general, 25per cent.

House of Representatives Message.- Made with the following modifications: -

Sub-item (b)- After "(b)" the word " Superphosphates," inserted.

After sub-item (b) the following sub-item added: -

(c)   N.e.i., free under each heading.

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