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Friday, 18 November 1921

Senator E D MILLEN (NEW SOUTH WALES) (Minister for Repatriation) . - This deals with the sub-item confined to cartridges, n.e.i. Another place proposed duties of 15, 20, and 20 per cent., and the Senate requested the imposition of a duty of 30 per cent, in the general Tariff, leaving the duties in the British and intermediate columns unaltered. In this case, the message from the House of Representatives proposes a splitting of the difference, and that the duty in the general Tariff should he 25 per cent. I move -

That the modification be agreed to.

Motion agreed to.

Item 397-

Explosives, viz. : -

(e)   Explosives, n.e.i., ad val., British, free ; intermediate, 5 per cent. ; general, 5 per cent.

Senate's Request- Amend sub-item to make it read -

(e)   (1) Coal-getting explosives, being those explosives named and specified in any permitted list approved by the Department, ad val., British, 15 per cent. ; intermediate, 20 per cent. ; general, 25 per cent.

(2)   Explosives, n.e.i., ad val., British, free ; intermediate, 10 per cent. ; general, 15 per cent.

House of Representatives' Message- Not made.

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