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Friday, 18 November 1921

Senator VARDON (South Australia) . - I trust the Committee will not agree to the amendment moved by Senator Gardiner. We have heard a good deal concerning the position of country newspaper proprietors, but I am safe in saying that 75 per cent, of them do not use more than 2 tons each per year. The total importations represent 75,000 tons, and of this quantity country newspaper proprietors use 6,000 tons. A fortnight ago, when speaking to a country newspaper proprietor in Adelaide, I asked him if he used 2 tons per annum, and he informed me that he did not use 1 ton. That is the position of a majority of the country newspaper proprietors. I am acting quite independently in this matter. I use from 65 to 70 tons a year, so that the higher duties will affect me to some extent. I am, however, prepared to vote for the rates proposed, and trust the Committee will agree to them.

Amendment negatived.

Motion agreed to.

Item 334- (C)(2) Printing, n.e.i. (glazed, unglazed, mill-glazed, or coated), not ruled or printed in any way in rolls not less than 10 inches in width, or in sheets not less than 20 inches by 25 inches or its equivalent, ad val., British, 5 per cent.; intermediate, 10 per cent.; general, 15 per cent

Senate's Request.- Per ton, British, free; intermediate, £2; general, £2.

House of Representatives' Message.- Made with the following modification: - Duties made - Per ton, free British preferential Tariff, £3 intermediate Tariff, £3 general Tariff.

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