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Friday, 18 November 1921

Senator E D MILLEN (NEW SOUTH WALES) (Minister for Repatriation) . - I direct the Committee's attention to this item as evidence of the extremely reasonable attitude of the other House, and as a reply to the taunt that the other House has only agreed to the Senate's requests when they were in the direction of raising the duties. In the case of green hides, the other House showed a' desire to stand by that section of this Committee which was careful not to impose unduly high duties. In this item they have accepted the duties imposed by the Senate, but make a slight alteration in the date when they are to come into operation. They have postponed the date of the operation of the duties to the 1st January, 1922. The other House also asked the Senate to reduce the timber duties. I move -

That the modification be agreed to.

In. substance, the Senate's request has been accepted. The difference between the two Houses is only a matter of five or six weeks regarding the date when the duties shall come into operation. The delay has been deemed advisable because the manufacturers of this kind of leather are not in full working order, and every week brings them nearer to the point when they will be able to supply a reasonable proportion cif Australia's requirements.

Motion agreed to.

Item 329 -

Boots, shoes, slippers, clogs, pattens, and other footwear (of any material), n.e.i.; boot and shoe uppers and tops; cork, leather, or other socks or soles n.e.i., ad val., British, 40 per cent.; intermediate, 45 per cent.; general, 50 per cent.

Senate's Request.- British, 30 per cent.; intermediate, 35 per cent.; general, 40 per cent.

House of Representatives' Message.- Slade with the following modification: - "Duties made - ad val., British, 35 per cent.; intermediate, 40 per cent.; general, 45 per cent."

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