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Friday, 18 November 1921

Senator EARLE (Tasmania) .- Hansarddoes not reflect the genial smile of Senator Lynch, when he makes his little jokes at my expense. I desire, therefore, to say that I am following the Government because I think they are taking a very wise step. Australia is a cattle-producing and meat-exporting country. I believe Australia can supply plenty of hides for tanning purposes, and that there is absolutely no necessity to import them. If, on any occasion, green hides are required for the tanning and leather industries of Australia, I want to see them come in from abroad. I have never taken any action in the direction of restricting the industries of Australia. I want to build them up. Cannot Senator Lynch see that this proposal is not restricting any industry in Australia? It is helping to bring in the raw material. Evidently, when the item was last before this Committee, somebody got a little befogged, and was able to induce the Committee to agree to the imposition of a duty of Id. per lb. on green hides. That duty is not in the interests of Australian industry. If there were any necessity to protect the production of green hides in Australia, it would be a different matter. We want all the hides we can get, if we can use them and export them as leather.

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